About Us



For a long time I’ve been talking to myself and giving myself little words of encouragement.. Albeit in my head. I’ve been blogging for a good ten years and there’s been a time where I was in a dark place and not feeling very comfortable being online. I thought it was about time I shared this specific phrase that would pop into my head, ‘I like me’ every time I needed reminding that the online opinions didn’t matter. It helped me to remember that the only thing that was important to get through this difficult time was me being happy with the person I had grown to be. My style has always been expressive and based on oversized fits and bright colour. So we came up with our iconic I Like Me™ sweater. It’s our best seller because not only do we but also YOU believe in it. And now we’re very excited to have been able to expand and bring more to the I Like Me™ brand, building community and making an online support base for all along the way.